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Wie schlägt man die Piraten?

„Werde ein besserer Pirat, als es die Piraten selbst sein können.“ Das ist zumindest der Ratschlag, den Anders Bylund den Fernsehmanagern in einem aktuellen Ars-Technica-Eintrag gibt:

„Pirates can be beaten – it happens all the time – but not primarily by means of legal threats and lawsuits. No, you subjugate these rebels with the tools of free enterprise. Piracy is just another business model, and the pirates will lose and go away when you come up with a better model (or they will become legitimate players themselves).

Stripped down to the bare essentials, consumers will choose the service with the most attractive balance of price, convenience, and quality. Piracy will always win on price, because you can’t really beat free. The other two components are up for grabs, but the media companies are only now starting to seize the opportunity.“

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, Telemedicus v. 10.05.2008,

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