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Netzneutralität und Kabelfernsehen

Damien Kulash erklärt in einem formidablen Artikel in der NY Times, was Netzneutralität ist:

The details of the issue can lead into realms where only tech geeks and policy wonks dare to tread, but at root there€™s a pretty simple question: How much control should network operators be allowed to have over the information on their lines?

Wenig Kontrolle, meint Kulash. Wer Netzneutralität aufgibt, der riskiert die Freiheit des Marktes und die Freiheit des Internets. Auch wenn die Carrier-Unternehmen das teilweise anders darstellen:

They can make it sound great: newer, bigger, faster, better! But the new fast lanes they propose will be theirs to control and exploit and sell access to, without the level playing field that common carriage built into today€™s network.
They won€™t be blocking anything per se – we€™ll never know what we€™re not getting – they€™ll just be leapfrogging today€™s technology with a new, higher-bandwidth network where they get to be the gatekeepers and toll collectors. The superlative new video on offer will be available from (surprise, surprise) them, or companies who€™ve paid them for the privilege of access to their customers. If this model sounds familiar, that€™s because it is. It€™s how cable TV operates.

Damien Kulash ist Sänger der Rockband OK Go, die im vergangenen Jahr mit einem viralen Musikvideo das Internet erobert hat.

Zum Artkel in der NY Times.


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